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View and compare national and state credit information

Overall national and state small business credit conditions, including lending activity, loan performance and more. Download national historical SBLI and SBDI data. Paid subscribers get access to lending activity and loan performance by state and industry.

Access Loan Default forecast with paynet AbsolutePD®

View 12-month forecasts by state.

Paid subscribers get access to state, industry and county level and broader insights that will help with CECL compliance.

Obtain monthly analysis reports from PayNet

Downloadable lending activity (SBLI) and loan performance (SBDI) reports.

Generate customizable graphs and charts

PayNet's customizable charting software allows for exporting illustrative charts and graphs that can be used in your reports and presentations.

Gain unique insights into the small business economy

Our Risk Insight Suite® provides invaluable information and resources that help you make profitable decisions. RIS provides intelligence that you can't find anywhere else, including white papers and the quarterly Small Business Credit Outlook.

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